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School re-opening on Monday, 7th September, on a phased basis, as follows:

Monday 7th September:

  • 3rd Classes only  – 9.05 am to 12 noon
  • 5th Classes only – 12.30 until 3pm

Tuesday 8th September

  • 4th Classes only – 9.05am until 12 noon
  • 6th Classes only – 12.30 until 3 pm

Wednesday 9th September:

All classes are back to school, at their new staggered start and finish times, as advised by your child’s teacher.

Dropping and Collecting Children from School:

We ask for your co-operation in our efforts to keep all our children safe during these extraordinary times.

 Collecting Children:

Parents and Guardians please note: Under no circumstances can your child be in the school building after 3 pm. 

If for any reason you are delayed, and you normally collect your child from school, you MUST make alternative arrangements. Your child is not permitted to wait for you in the school building.

Staff will be leaving the building at 3 pm, to accommodate the cleaning of classrooms and the school building every evening.  You may call the Secretary’s Office on 041 9828091 – before 11.30am - and we can advise your child of a change of arrangements.  We cannot accept responsibility for your child not receiving a message if it is delivered to us after that time.

 Dropping children in the morning:

 Parents and Guardians are kindly requested NOT to congregate at the gates or along the wall of the school grounds.  We ask Parents to respect the 2 metre distance from other families at all times. 

ONLY school staff and children are allowed onto the school grounds, unless a prior appointment has been arranged - through the Secretary’s Office –  All visitors to the school, including parents, will not gain access without an appointment.

In case of exceptional circumstances only – if you have to collect your child before the end of the school day, (a medical appointment for example) - the appointment should be made known to the class teacher and the school secretary well in advance. Preferably the day before. No child is permitted to be collected from school within a half hour of end of school time.  You must phone the Secretary’s Office on your arrival outside the school gates, at the appointed time, and your child will be dismissed from school through their designated exit door.

LETTER FROM MINISTER - Norma Foley TD - 25th August 2020

Dear Principal

I hope that your plans for school re-opening have gone well and that you have found the supports and resources provided so far useful.

Once again, I would like to thank you and your whole school team and community for all the work that you have undertaken to fully re-open our schools.

I have seen some of this work at first-hand and I know the ingenuity and effort that has gone in to your re-opening plans. I am proud of the huge effort that the teams across our schools have made to make this important re-opening happen.

We have updated with new materials for parents and for students. These are designed to be age-appropriate and have been developed in consultation with children and young people and parents. I am grateful to everyone who has participated in giving us this feedback and support and I hope you find them useful.

I would be grateful for your support in ensuring that parents receive the following, important information from the Department and the HSE with regard to returning to school. Links to each of these are in the attached document, so that it is as easy as possible for you to send on the relevant items to your school community:

  • Video for parents with key information on supporting children to return to school available here and here
  • Fliers for parents – these are attached in this email but are also available for download here. The HSE has prepared material on recognising symptoms, which complements the material from the Department on returning to school. This is available here
  • Age-appropriate videos for children and young people at different stages. Videos for primary (both junior and senior level) and post-primary students are available here
  • Resources in a wide range of languages. Many schools will enjoy a huge diversity among their student and parent community. To support these parents, we have translated guidance for parents at ie/backtoschool.

The Covid-19 World Service project has also consulted with the Department and has used our key messages to produce a range of videos in a variety of languages which your school community may find helpful – please see more at

The Department has also produced a series of induction training videos for all school staff at primary and post-primary level.

This series includes further detailed information for Cleaning in schools, SNAs, School Bus Escorts and the new Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative in schools. This training will outline the steps that all staff need to take to ensure a safe return to schools for everybody and are all available here

It is also envisaged that further guidance will be issued later this week on the protocols that will underpin the arrangements for dealing with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. I think this will be very helpful and reassuring for all school communities.

Ultimately, the key message is that where there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 amongst school staff or pupils, schools will be required to follow the public health instruction of the HSE Public Health.

Finally, the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) has developed webinars and resources to support the wellbeing of school communities, which are all available at

The re-opening of schools will require everyone to adjust and get used to new arrangements and routines. This change of culture won’t happen overnight and will take a bit of time in the initial re-opening period to get fully established and embedded into the daily operation of our schools.

If you have concerns with regard to your re-opening plans, I encourage you to contact We have been working with schools all around the country to support them to solve some of the challenges they are facing and together have found solutions to many of the issues that arise. Some of the most common issues have now been detailed in the schools sections on and you may find that useful.

I’d like to thank you once again for your efforts, and to wish you and all the students a very happy and healthy return to school.

Yours faithfully

Minister for Education

Norma Foley TD