New Year – New School

<p class=”Body”><span lang=”EN-US”>I’ve heard that writing, journaling and blogging can be great ways of relaxing and of channelling thoughts and ideas in a positive way. I plan on blogging here every couple of weeks. I see it as a way to keep you up to date with developments in our school.</span></p>
<p class=”Body”><span lang=”EN-US”>Ultimately, this rather static website will be updated to facilitate a range of stakeholders being able to interact with it in different ways. Finding learning material, locating information, checking policies, accessing assessment information as well as watching recordings of events at school; those sorts of things. I also know from seeing some of the amazingly colourful and eye-catching blogs that colleagues did with students in my last school, that I have a lot to learn about blogging!</span></p>
<p class=”Body”><span lang=”EN-US”>By the time we meet on February 24th, the Interim Board of Management (IBOM) will have met twice. Planning for the opening of the school is multi-faceted but will really gather momentum during the 6 weeks after my ‘official’ appointment on February 15th. Planning is underway in nearly all areas of school life but requires a huge input from students, parents and staff to become lived and not merely mandated.</span></p>
<p class=”Body”><span lang=”EN-US”>Staff vacancies will appear in the usual way on this website and on <span class=”Hyperlink0″><a href=””></a></span> I will let you know about staff allocations when the IBOM have been informed of this by the Department of Education and Skills.</span></p>

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