Engineering Week 2019

From the 4th – 8th of March we celebrated Engineers week in Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh. As part of Engineers Week Eoghan Duggan, a chemical engineer visited some of the fourth classes. He spoke to us about the different types of engineering and how important they are in making the things we use every day. We then got to work like a chemical engineer and made elephant toothpaste, it was so fun. Fun Fact: He is Ms McGovern’s Brother too!!! For safety and to keep everything clean we had to cover the tables with bin bags and newspapers. He even bought Mrs McGovern a hazmat suit. We measured the correct amount of the chemicals using pipettes and graduated cylinders. When they were all mixed they created a brilliant colourful foam. It wasn‘t hard to tidy up the chemicals we just rolled up the bin bags and newspapers. We really enjoyed the visit.

James & Keeva – Ms McGovern’s 4th Class

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