Graduation 2020

17th June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Staff of Loinnir & Réaltaí hosted a wonderful Virtual Zoom Graduation for all the Parents and pupils in our Autism classes this morning. This will forever be an abiding and cherished memory for our Staff. It is a week of Graduation ceremonies! Mindful that the Staff are hosting the 6th class Graduation ceremonies tomorrow and Friday, I thought I would share with you some thoughts around transitions.

Life is all about change and reaching a new chapter can be very exciting. The pupils have been nurtured and encouraged to realize their full potential in a very positive environment in our school. We have been inspired to believe there is hope, where there is love and compassion children will flourish, disappointments will foster resilience and growth mind set will nurture great success and achievement. Above all we aspire to teach the pupils the real meaning of happiness and gratitude for all the little things in life. We thank you for your partnership and support on this journey.

Leaving the known behind and transitioning to a new school setting can be a little daunting. However there will be exciting new opportunities, new potential and new success. For the Parents whatever lies ahead you can take tremendous pride in getting to this milestone in your child’s life. What a great accomplishment for everyone in the school community.

To the Pupils I would encourage you to keep on going, graduating is a successful ending and an exciting beginning. If you keep on learning, keep on dreaming and keep on doing, you’ll travel towards your goals until you get there.

Keep up the wonderful work, you can do it!

Bláithín Maguire


Bláithín Maguire


Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh

Roll Number: 20017F

041 – 9828091

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