Principal’s message to 6th class Pupils on their Graduation

21st June 2021

Good morning Class of 2021,

This is a very proud day for each and every one of our 120 pupils, your families and your Teachers(Mrs Doak, Ms Kirk, Ms Kilcoyne, Mrs Darcy, Ms Brassil & Mrs Ryan), Ms O Donnell and Ms Proudfoot), what an extraordinary year this has been for our School Community.

COVID-19 kept you home for about three months, and this fact alone has set you apart from all the classes that have graduated from this school.

I still remember hearing some of our students saying “for the first time I’m dying to go back to school!" Fortunately, we were able to return to school and successfully maintain the school environment healthy and safe for everyone.

I am sorry that your Parents cannot be here to relish this moment next to you, I believe this Class of 2021 is ready for a transition to bigger and better. You are ready for the next chapter in your lives.

Today is a celebration of all that is wonderful about our Students, Teachers and School Community in Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh.

I am excited about the future for each of our students graduating here today. You have the potential to be all you want to be.

I am immensely proud of the 6th classes of 2021

One of the great privileges accorded to me as your Principal is to oversee the provision of a holistic education for a School Community. And this was seriously put to the test this year as the world grappled with a global pandemic, COVID 19 pandemic.

From the eyes of the Staff, the Class of 2021 will always be remembered for so many reasons other than that of the pandemic.

For three months of this academic year, you transitioned to an online platform and embraced Digital Technology with gusto, determination and commitment.

You demonstrated spiritness, determination and adapted with ease to the demands of google classroom. Unfortunately, the overshadowing of the pandemic will be remembered by the world. However, the way in which the 6th classes of 2021 embraced this change is to be admired and complemented. We had to reassess everything that was familiar to us and face the unknown trusting that we had the skillset to adapt to change.

Change is the inevitable, a constant companion, accompanying us on our journey through life. You have recognised and accepted this reality this year and by learning how to adapt and adjust to change, you have survived and indeed thrived in 6th class.

COVID 19 pandemic stopped us in our tracks, and one positive outcome we have observed as a Staff is the appreciation by each and every one of you for all the little things in life, the return of the activities on the yard, the re-introduction of our class libraries, and those much-loved art classes.

You have learned so much about yourselves this year. You have become increasingly resilient and are more aware of your emotions and behaviours and how best to manage them. Change is a wonderful opportunity for growth mind set and I know that your Teachers are so proud of how you have navigated your last year in our school. You can be so proud and so confident that this next transition to a new chapter in your life will be a positive experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all your Parents for their tremendous support over the last year. We value and acknowledge the support of the Parent Community.

Thanks to the 6th class Team.

Like any production behind the scenes there is a huge commitment going into each lesson prepared and an eagerness to be the very best Teacher, the best Learning support Teacher and the best SNA. It is a privilege for me to work with this 6th class Team who have such a skill-set and expertise, I very much appreciate your tremendous dedication to the class of 2021.

Thank you.

To all of our students here the future is where you will spend most of your lives. The real power of creating and being responsible for your own future is unlimited. You will hopefully experience enormous joy in creating this journey for yourself and enjoy the benefits of it too.

Of course, there will be challenges ahead however when you are determined to succeed you will make the right choices for you! I encourage you to put all your energy your faith, talent and time into each opportunity that comes your way.

Follow your dreams

Follow your passion

Believe in yourself.

Life is an endless process of self-discovery

Thank you for being here. I wish you a brilliant future and a better world, a world of your own making.

Bláithín Maguire


Bláithín Maguire


Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh

Roll Number: 20017F

041 – 9828091

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