Coaster News Sept 2018

 Back to school in Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh

It has been a very exciting return to school this year for all 464 pupils in SSN. During the Summer there was a gym conversion to facilitate the opening of a classroom for a 17th mainstream teacher and our 2nd ASD class. This has been amazing to have opened a 2nd class and to be in the process of enrolling pupils from far and from near. We are almost full and the joy this brings to the families is quite incredible. This encapsulates our vision for a fully inclusive education in SSN.

As an Active school we are very fortunate to have the local facilities of the Parish Hall, the Beach and the Racecourse to facilitate the implementation of the PE curriculum. We are fortunate also to have the other half of the gym for assemblies and Smart Moves programs.

Our school band and choir are up and running with a very keen interest of expression from pupils in 3rd right up to 6th classes.

This year we are participating in a number of Science initiatives and the Parents Association have given us 3000 euro to invest in new science equipment. The Parents Association invited the author of our new Positive Wellbeing Program to address the AGM. This was a great success and the Parent Body were delighted with the opportunity to engage in a Q & A session following the presentation.

Weaving Wellbeing is a new initiative in our school to teach the pupils  the power of positivity and the skills of Resilience which will further enhance their confidence and self esteem in a modern society where they will face many challenges along the way.

We are still awaiting the outcome of the status of the planning application for our new school development. It is with An Bord Plánala and it will be the end of October before the Board of Management have a decision.