Ethos Statement

Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh

Ethos Statement

 The ‘ethos’ of our  School encompasses collective attitudes, beliefs, core values, traditions, aspirations and goals. These are reflected in the actual practices which are carried out in the school on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. While it is impossible to outline all aspects of the school ‘ethos’, the following characteristics are experienced and promoted as essential elements in the establishment of a supportive and positive ‘ethos’.

In our School, where the ethos is that of a Catholic school, religious instruction, in accordance with the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church is part of the education given to children who belong to that Church

  • The pupils are prepared for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation, in accordance with arrangements in the diocese
  • Prayer is a feature of the school day
  • The school aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil, including his relationship with God, with other people and with the environment
  • The Principal and teaching staff aim at maintaining high professional standards and creating a safe and happy environment
  • A spirit of mutual respect is promoted within the school community. Pupils are drawn by example and teaching to appreciate and respect people of different religious affiliations and of different nationalities.
  • Close contact is maintained between school and home. Parents / guardians and teachers support one another and collaborate with one another in leading the children to the fullness of their potential at the different stages.
  • It is our wish that all visitors to the school would sense, upon entering the premises, the warmth, friendship and collegiality of the whole school community.
  • The school has a strong link with the Church and the Sister Community.
  • We promote the school ethos through regular attendance at Mass, participating in Catholic Schools Week, our regular engagement with the Sister Community visits, regular meetings with the School Chaplin Fr Denis McNelis and celebrations at various times of the year, Christmas, Easter and the end of the school year.
  • We have a Liturgical Team who liaise with Fr Denis to plan the Liturgical calendar for the school year.

Ancillary staff in the school are highly esteemed and respected. It is recognised that their work makes a valued contribution to the process of education.

Our Code of Behaviour DFL promotes mutual respect.