Healthy Lunch Policy

We have a NUT/NUT PRODUCTS BAN due to having a number of children with severe nut allergies

Dear Parents/Guardians
As part of our Health Education, we have a “Healthy Lunch Policy” in Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh. There may be exceptions to this policy on certain days throughout the year – e.g.; Party day/tour day/Friendly Friday – your child will be informed in advance if such days occur.
We are grateful for your co-operation and support as we implement this policy, which in the long-term benefits the childrens’ attitudes, eating habits, concentration in school and of course their health.

Foods to avoid . . . .

NO………sweets, chocolate, buns, bars, cereal bars, cake, biscuits, popcorn, crisps etc., gum, winders, chocolate spread, chocolate/sprinkle yoghurt, nuts
NO………minerals, cans, glass bottles
RECOMMENDED DRINKS…milk, water, soup
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…….we recommend at least one or two fruits/raw vegetables be included daily

Some Lunch Ideas

  • VEG – Celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber pieces, cherry tomatoes, pepper strips, hummus
  • FRUIT – Fresh fruit, fruit segments, fruit salad, dried fruit
  • DAIRY – Plain yoghurts
  • PROTEIN – Add salad mix, meats, tuna, beans, cheese, egg
  • CARBS – Bread (brown is best), scones, pitta bread, whole-wheat wraps, plain rice cakes, pasta/noodle dish