Our School

Our school “Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh” is situated in Laytown .The majority of pupils come from the villages of Laytown and Bettystown which are suburbs of a nearby town, Drogheda. This photograph was taken outside the “Neptune Beach” hotel which is in Bettystown. Bettystown is a popular place for tourists. In Bettystown we have a beautiful beach, 2 hotels, pubs, 2 mobile home parks, cafés, a golf and tennis club, shops ,supermarkets and a fun and leisure park called “Funtasia”. Many years ago Bettystown was the traditional holiday place for people from Dublin.


Our school has about 350 pupils, 17 teachers and 5 S.N.A.’s (Special Need Assistants). We are a senior primary school which means that our pupils are aged from approximately 8 years to 13 years old . We call our classes 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class and 6th class. The local junior primary school is called “Scoil Oilibhéar Naofa” and is located across the road from our school. Their pupils are aged from 4 years to 8 years old approximately.

This is a photograph of our school “Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh” and also a photograph of a mural made by 6th class pupils depicting the influence of the church in our lives at school. We are a Roman Catholic primary school and we are privileged to have our church right next door to us!

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Laytown

We really are very happy school at Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh. The pupils here are very lucky because there are plenty of extra curricular activities going on at our school. For example we do Irish dancing, hip hop dancing, rugby, gaelic football, golf, tennis, swimming, cycling and much more!

As a school we have won some prestigious awards including “Most Active School in Ireland” 2008 and 2009 and recently we became a “Green School” because of our work and commitment to recycling and the environment. Irish and English are compulsory school subjects but less than 3% of Irish primary school pupils learn a modern language!

A collage of photos of “Active Week” activities and our Active Week flag:

Pupils taking cycling lessons on the beach which is right behind our school. We are so lucky to have this facility!

Our School Crest:

Recently we have been making improvements in our school computer technology. Presently, we have 8 interactive whiteboards and computers with broadband internet in every classroom. This will facilitate communication through “Skype” bringing our schools even closer together! We are a very progressive and enthusiastic school and are really looking forward to this Erasmus+ project! Eight teachers have pledged their support for the project over the three years ahead. We look forward to meeting many new people and sharing many new experiences. It is our belief that we have an excellent team at Scoil an Spioraid Naoimh. Now, let the learning and the music commence!!

Other Photos of Interest Where we Live:

This is our local police station. In Ireland we call it a “garda station” because the Irish (gaelic) translation for policeman is “garda”.

This is our local train station. It is called “An Inse” in Irish. Here the train arriving at the station is going in the direction of Drogheda (Droichead Átha). Drogheda is approximately 10 km from Laytown.

Drogheda – Our Local Town:

Drogheda is the nearest town to Laytown and Bettystown with a population of about 35,000 people. It is the fastest growing town in Ireland! It is one of the oldest and most historical towns in Ireland.

Above is a photo of the River Boyne which flows through the town of Drogheda. It is famous for its salmon!

Below is the “St. Laurence Gate”. It once formed part of the old town walls of Drogheda. It is a Barbican gate and is said to be one of the best examples remaining in Europe today.

The Laytown Races

The Laytown Races have been taking place on Laytown Beach since 1868! These are the only official horse races to take place on sand in all of Europe! We always finish early at school on Race Day!


This is the “Funtasia” complex opposite the entrance to Bettystown Beach

The Neptune Beach Hotel at Bettystown  Beach on a typical rainy autumn afternoon!

The senior pupils of our school have had the opportunity over the last few years to be given golf lessons at “Laytown &
Bettystown Golf Club”. We are very proud of our golf club and where the 100th birthday (centenary) was celebrated in 2009.

The 6th Hole at Laytown & Bettystown Links Golf Course

A photograph of the “Voyager” sculpture over Laytown Beach

A thatched cottage near the River Nanny Estuary at Laytown Beach