4th Class Blitz

St. Colmcilles local GAA club and our school work closely together and we participate in blitz days with other local schools, the latest blitz was 11th April 2019.

3rd class pupils go 4 times throughout the year and 4th class pupils get the opportunity to go 4 times also.

Neil Kane and Jude Mc Nabb have been involved with the coordination of school games and blitz days. Neil has spent many hours throughout the year teaching and reinforcing skills with all class groups. Graham Reilly was involved in our school previous to this.


We in SSN work closely with our local sporting and activity clubs and A & S Fitness have helped both teachers and pupils with their fitness levels for the past number of years. This year they have extended their help with fitness and have designed some healthy recipes which children are going to try out during Active Week. We would like to thank Andrew and Scott Hageman for their continued support with promoting positive healthy lifestyles and tips to pupils, teachers and parents.